What is TravelerBuddy?

TravelerBuddyTM is an elegantly designed travel-management-tool that redefines users’ travel experiences by eliminating travel inconveniences with an intuitive and innovative travel App.

Besides the standard automatic itinerary creation most travel management apps carry, TravelerBuddy makes managing trips a lot more seamless for Personal Assistants, business and frequent travelers alike with its offer of numerous additional and innovative features such as immigration and expense assistant features.

TravelerBuddy organises your travel-related information into a trip(s). Each trip item typically contains several trip items (flight, hotel, restaurant, meeting, places of interest etc.) depending on what you add into your respective trips. As of now, we can only automatically create flight and hotel trip items based on your forwarded booking confirmations.
(See Questions 3 and 4 in this list of FAQs)

This clever travel companion informs users in advance on the validity of documents and sends timely alerts via pop-up messages and emails. Searching through emails to get the exact travel information you need is now history, as all travel documents, from flight tickets to hotel confirmations and even loyalty program cards are accessible through one app: TravelerBuddy.

What is the difference between the Free, Pro, and Biz versions of TravelerBuddy?

Please refer to our website www.travelerbuddy.com for information on these versions. You will also learn about the numerous helpful features designed to ensure hassle-free travels and greater peace of mind. Do not miss TravelerBuddy's Ultimate Guides for the key global business travel destinations. Visit us at www.travelerbuddy.com now!

How can I get TravelerBuddy?

Download either the iOS App or the Android App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store respectively. To manage your trips even better, we recommend that you upgrade to either the Pro or Biz versions which will give you access to our Web Portal for greater multi-channel accessibility.

How do I create a trip?

Simply forward your flight and/or hotel booking confirmations to trips@travelerbuddy.com and we will create the trip(s) for you. From there, you can start adding trip items of your choice to the created trip(s). Alternatively, you can also manually create the trip by pressing the ‘+ Add Trip’ function from within the App/Web Portal.

How do I change a trip name?

Click on trip you wish to rename, followed by the ‘Edit Trip’ text/icon. Proceed to change your trip name and remember to save your changes by clicking on the ‘Save’ button.

What if my trip was not created?

Send your flight and/or hotel booking confirmations to feedback@travelerbuddy.com and we will look into the matter for you. We aim to set up the trip for you and/or provide you with a reply within 24 hours. For other non-flight, non-hotel related trip items, you will have to manually create the trip items with the relevant information at hand.

What if I spot errors in the automatically-created trip/trip item?

For an immediate fix, please edit the trip/trip item and update it with the correct information. We would also appreciate if you could send your feedback to feedback@travelerbuddy.com. We are only able to populate details into the trip item fields that were originally present in the travel booking confirmations. You may therefore notice some empty fields if information in these areas are lacking in your travel booking confirmations.

How do I combine Trips

Simply access the ‘Combine Trips’ feature from the Main menu. Select the trips you wish to combine before clicking on the ‘Combine’ button. Your trips are now combined and the various itineraries would be merged into a single one, with trip items arranged in chronological sequence.

How do I share my itinerary with others?

You can share your Trip Itinerary via email, using the ‘Share’ function from within the App/Web Portal.

I bought a paid version on iOS previously and have now switched to an Android Mobile device (or

Good news, you do not need to pay again! Simply download the App, log in with the same username and password and we will accord you the access to the version you previously paid for.

Why is there delayed or inaccurate flight information, alerts, and updates provided?

TravelerBuddy strives to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information to all of our users. In spite our best efforts, there are some areas that are beyond our control.

Information is obtained and displayed based on two sources – our in-house solution, as well as an external service provider – and both allow us to extract information of your travel booking confirmations.

With regard to flight alerts and updates, the Content Provider we engage is one of the industry’s best, in terms of its international coverage. Currency and accuracy of information also depend on the thoroughness and speed of updates originating from respective airports and airlines – both of which are beyond TravelerBuddy and our Content Provider’s control.

Your feedback is highly valued as it would help both TravelerBuddy and our partners to improve. Please do not hesitate to drop us an email at feedback@travelerbuddy.com on how we can improve and we will do our very best to resolve issues and meet our customers’ expectations.